LECTURE: Luxury and Humility

19.02.19, 19:00

The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia invites you to attend the lecture entitled “Luxury and Humility: clothing in Venetian Cyprus”, by Dr. Stella Frigerio-Zeniou, art historian.

The lecture –in Greek– is scheduled for Tuesday 19 February, at 19:00, within the context of the ongoing temporary exhibition “Nicosia: birth and growth of a capital. Byzantine-Medieval period”.


The subject of the lecture:


The lecture will focus on the attire in Cyprus during the years of Venetian governance.

At the end of the 15th century, Venice was for Cyprus “an open door” to the West, allowing Cypriots to participate to a backward and forward of people, goods and ideas. Dr. Frigerio-Zeniou will draw on examples to demonstrate how Western influences, mainly Italian, were reflected in the way Cypriots dressed, the tailoring of their outfits, and the art of jewelry adopting trends that existed in Florence, Venice and elsewhere, tracing their evolution.

The speaker will also discuss how Cypriots had imprinted these fashion trends in their portraits, dating from the early to the late 16th century, presented in works of reverence such as painted icons, religious items, and wall-paintings in churches, dedicated to Christ, the Virgin or the Patron Saints. Today, these works of art are the main source of information for the study of Cypriot attire of an era long gone while they elusively open the door for us to enter the “dressing room” of Cypriots of the Venetian period.


A few words about the speaker:


Stella Frigerio-Zeniou holds a Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Geneva.  Her Ph.D. thesis focuses on the study of  “Italo-Byzantine” art in Cyprus of the 16th century, published in 1998 by the Hellenic Institute for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies in Venice under the title L’art "italo-byzantin" à Chypre au XVIe siècle. Trois témoins de la peinture religieuse : Panagia Podithou, la Chapelle Latine et Panagia Iamatikê.

Her book on the clothing in Cyprus during the 16th century, Luxe et Humilité : se vêtir à Chypre au XVIe siècle, was published in 2012 in Limassol by Nostos Publications.

Dr. Frigerio-Zeniou remains actively engaged in research, now focusing on the wood-carved templa of the same period.



Due to the increasing interest in all the events organized in the context of the temporary exhibition, you are kindly invited to reserve your seat in advance.

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