Educational Programmes for Schools: The Bazaars of Nicosia

Educational Programmes for Schools: The Bazaars of Nicosia

An Educational Programme organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture, suitable for Primary School Children (Grade 6).

The programme explores the bazaars of Nicosia during the Ottoman Period and until the years of British Rule. The Bazaars were, for many years, a basic cultural melting pot of the city of Nicosia. They were the places that people will meet to collaborate, trade their goods regardless their religious orientations (Christian, Latins, Muslims, Armenians and many more). The craftsmen and merchants promoted the art of their craftsmanship as well as the quality of their goods in those specific areas of the capital.

The children using the Leventis Museum exhibits as a reference will travel with their imagination in the busy alleys of Nicosia (capital of Cyprus, also know as “Chora”). Additionally the children will be asked to revive the bazaars of Nicosia, through an interactive theatrical workshop.

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