Let’s Share Nicosia / Treasure Hunt - Selfie Contes

Let’s Share Nicosia / Treasure Hunt - Selfie Contes

Saturday 19.10.2019, 10:30 -13:00

The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia, in tune with the beginning of the new school year, organizes a broad range of educational programmes and activities that fall within the successful institution that this year bears the special title “Month of Educational Programmes – 30 Years of Lifelong Learning”. Prominent among the range of educational actions is “Let’s Share Nicosia”.


The action will take place on Saturday 19 Octoberbetween 10:30-13:00, with the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia as starting point.


So, what does it mean –“Let’s Share Nicosia”?


“Let’s Share Nicosia” is an action taking place in the framework of the European Programme Erasmus+ Digital invasions for the promotion of cultura lheritage (DIGINV) (www.digitalinvasions.eu). The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia, the historical museum of the capital city and a substantial cultural entity, boasts active participation in the programme. DIGINV aims to activate and valorize the cultural interest of citizens through the use of technology, particularly social networking media, in order to promote a country’s cultural sites by way of organized digital interventions, dubbed “Digital Invasions”. The network includes partners from Italy, Cyprus, Belgium, Malta, Croatia and Hungary.


The organized educational action “Let’s Share Nicosia” invites the public to take part in a cultural treasure hunt against the backdrop of Nicosia of yesterday and today. Individuals, groups and families with children are invited to discover and take selfies to share emblematic cultural points from the capital’s historic centre. Seven historical photographs from the Archive of the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia will provide the clues to the search within the city. The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia will be both the point of departure and final destination. The selfie that garners the most ‘likes’ will receive an award.


The action proposes a different tour of the city of Nicosia, intended to emotionally involve the public to discover aspects of the city and to identify the past with the future. Recording the participants’ experience through selfies posted on social media enables the dissemination of aspects and views of Nicosia that can only be rendered through personal involvement and emotions. 


“Let’s Share Nicosia” is an initiative of the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia in which the following institutions also participate: Pierides Museum – Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation; Foundation of Cultural Creativity for Children and Youth, Larnaka; Hadjigiorkis Flourmills Museum and Theatro Tsepis. The Cyprus network  is coordinated by the Cyprus Computer Society.


The action is materialized with the support of the Nicosia Tourist Development Company of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.



How can I take part inLet’s Share Nicosia” / Treasure Hunt– Selfie Contest?


If you are interested in participating, please pre-enroll at Let’s Share Nicosia through the online gatehttps://forms.gle/4vKZoB8TiT7WbKJ19 


Please turn over                                                                                                                     


  1. At the point of departure (Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia)  you will be given a photograph
  2. Identify the depicted spot and go there
  3. If you do not know the spot, ask passersby
  4. Find the person who will give you the next photograph/clue
  5. Collect all 7 photographs/clues within 2 hours.



Participants are asked to post their photographs from the designated spots on their social network accounts on Facebook and Instagram using the keywords: #DIGINV #DIGINVCyprus #DIGINVNicosia.


Internet access:

To post their photographs, participants may connect from the active HOTSPOTS at the 7 stations.


Contest Rules

  1. The winner will be the profile owner whose selfie receives the most likes.
  2. The photographs must include sites of cultural heritage or points of reference to the city of Nicosia. Participants may appear in the photographs too. We suggest you also use the mascot given to you at the start.
  3. The photograph must be posted either on Saturday 19 October 2019 or on Sunday 20 October 2019. It must be taken on the day of the action, while it still runs.
  4. The photograph must include all three hash-tags:  #DIGINV  #DIGINVCyprus  #DIGINVNicosia
  5. The ‘like’ count will take place on Tuesday 22 October 2019.
  6.  Organizers will contact the winner on his/her profile to announce the most popular photograph.

Let’s Share Nicosia promises unique cultural experiences in the course of a different tour of the capital. Lets share our city!



















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