Art intervention by students - Medieval Nicosia

The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia presents the “Art intervention by students - Medieval Nicosia” which is organized on the occasion of the Museum’s temporary exhibition “Nicosia: The birth and growth of a capital. Byzantine – Medieval period”.


The “Art intervention by students - Medieval Nicosia” has drawn inspiration from patterns discerned by students of the Regional High School of Pera-Chorio and Nisou on historical Byzantine and Medieval buildings in the present-day city such as walls, churches, temples and mosques.


The result is an articulated work, made of pizza boxes, perforated with repeated patterns reminiscent of epochs, cultures and people that have left a mark on Nicosia’s historical course – of Cyprus’ in general. The work may take on various shapes and installations, seeing that it may grow into a 3-dimensional conspicuous form creating a distinct visual arts impression.


The piece, a work of students, attracts spectators not only with the detailed and thorough work invested in it, but also with the originality with which it traces aspects of history on a seemingly paltry recyclable material.


The artistic experimentations and the stages followed by students and teachers from the inception of the basic idea all the way to its materialization is also presented as part of the art intervention in the Museum.


The work was created by students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades of Pera Chorio and Nisou Regional High School under the artistic supervision of  art teachers Constantinos Michaelides and Demetris Neocleous. The composition has been awarded first prize in the “Group projects of a monumental character” category at the 6th Pancyprian Visual Arts Competition for Secondary Education, organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture for 2016-2017.



Duration: until 06.01.2019

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