Special Guided Tours: The Secrets of the Royal Portrait

The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia on the occasion of its new temporary exhibition organises special guided tours.

The tours will be delivered by the Curator of the Museum Elena Poyiadji-Richter and will take place on:


Friday 29/09/2017, 17.00 (Greek)

Sunday 15/10/2017, 11.00 (Greek)

Friday 27/10/2017, 17.00 (English)

Sunday  5/11/2017, 11.00 (English)

Friday  17/11/2017, 17.00 (Greek)


A portrait of the last queen of Cyprus bearing secrets is shown at the new temporary exhibition of the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia.The portrait appears to date back to the 16th c., and is considered one of the few Renaissance paintings of Cornaro to survive to this day.

The “secrets” hidden behind the identity of the portrait are unveiled through scientific investigation.The exhibition presents the results of art historical research conducted by a Curator of the Leventis Museum, chemical and technical analyses carried out by the Cyprus Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, Germanysuch as the restoration process of the artwork at a restoration studio for painting in Germany. Hosting a one-day event to present the conclusions of the research, the Museum offers the public a new experience of “museum learning”.

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