Lecture: Unveiling the Secrets of a Royal Portrait

The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia organizes a lecture titled “Unveiling the Secrets of a Royal Portrait”, which will be delivered by the Curator of the Museum Elena Poyiadji – Richter on Wednesday 29 November 2017 at 19:00. The lecture will be delivered in Greek.


Taking place in the framework of the temporary exhibition of the Museum “The Secrets of a Royal Portrait”, the lecture methodically presents all stages of research, analyses and restoration performed on an exceptional painting portraying Caterina Cornaro, last queen of Cyprus. It also showcases all justifiable results regarding this unique painting.    


This royal portrait is considered one of the few surviving Renaissance portraits of queen Caterina Cornaro, dated to the 16th century. The painting belongs to the private collection of Michael Zeipekkis who has loaned the artwork to the Leventis Museum on a long-term basis for research and study purposes but also for it to be on display at the Museum’s permanent exhibition area dedicated to Caterina Cornaro.


From as early as the primary stages of the research, painted details that seemed to have been covered or “corrected” with another layer of paint were discernible to the naked eye. The art historical research conducted by a Curator of the Leventis Museum, as well as the chemical and technical analyses carried out by the Cyprus Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden, Germany have provided answers to questions regarding the identity of the painting.


The lecture, in dialogue with the exhibition, unveils fascinating secrets hidden behind the identity of the artwork.

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