Lecture / More than a hotel: The Ledra Palace through stories of tourism and modernism

05.10.21, 19.30


The Ledra Palace Hotel served as architectural proof of the modern aspirations of the late colonial era.
 Its construction detailing proved technical capabilities; its modern conveniences,
such as hot water and heating, showcased technological advancements
yet unknown to the majority of the population; and its overall luxury 
appealed to European cosmopolitanism.
Along with its architectural grandeur, the hotel embodied
a complex history, being a crucial hub of 1950s urban life 
entwined with a long decolonisation process, tourism development 
and socio-political contestations.

All of the above and much more comprise the history of the architecture 
of the emblematic Ledra Palace Hotel, which is unveiled through this lecture
by Dr Savia Palate and Dr Panayiota Pyla, drawing on findings from a research programme 
coordinated by the Mesarch Lab, University of Cyprus,
and particularly from a recent study by S. Palate, P. Phokaides and P. Pyla
with the support of RIF.

Language: Greek

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