General terms of use of online space

The present website “website” belongs to the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia “LMMN” and its use is subject to conditions which may vary from time to time. The visitor of the “website” is requested to visit this page frequently to be updated.

Copyright and exploitation of the “website”

  1. The “content” of the “website” is the intellectual property of “LMMN”.
  2. “LMMN” encourages private use of the “website” and “content” for personal information, as well as use for educational or research purposes. Use within the context of a business or service or organization is not private use. For educational or research purposes only, the reproduction or storage of individual pages or data is permitted, with the necessary condition of indicating their origin from the “website” ( and mentioning the names of the authors (if these appear on the “website”), without prejudice in any way to the relevant intellectual and industrial property rights. However, users should be aware that some files or data may be the intellectual property of third parties (partners, organizations, companies, etc.), and may not be used without the permission of these third parties (which may be stated in the relevant indication of the “website”.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to store, reproduce, republish, transmit or distribute any part of the “content” for commercial purposes, publication in publications or for any other use that does not fall under paragraph 2. In the event that the visitor wants to exploit material from the website for commercial purposes, publication in publications or for other purposes that do not fall under paragraph 2 should contact the “LMMN” by e-mail ( to request special permission.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to store, reproduce, republish, transmit or distribute registered marks or service marks or logos of “LMMN” as well as marks or logos of cooperating entities appearing on the “website”.
  5. The use of the “content” should be correctly included without misinformation, or differentiating it to other versions, especially in the case of photographs (that is, distortion, color variation, reduction and anything else that falsifies their original is prohibited form).
  6. In the event that the user of the “website” republishes in any electronic or other means a photo of an exhibit, the complete caption of the exhibit must be mentioned as well as the copyright eg: Panopea-type bivalve shell fossil. “Pliocene Era (5,000,000-1,800,000 BC) / Object: A/1999/1981 / Donation: Konstantinos Leventis† / © Leventios Municipal Museum of Nicosia”.


  1. “LMMN” makes every effort to protect personal data based on the Personal Data Protection Policy of “LMMN” which is formulated in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (2016/679/EU), of the Law on the Protection of Natural Persons Against the Processing of Personal Data and the Free Circulation of such Data Law of 2018 (L. 125(I)/2018) and the relevant national and European legislation on the protection of personal data.
  2. “LMMN” does not make available to third parties or trade its recipient lists (in electronic or printed form), as they are the personal property of “LMMN”. The lists are used exclusively to inform interested parties about the actions of “LMMN”. The personal data provided by the user for subscribing to the “LMMN” Newsletter or for commercial transactions at the “LMMN” shop or for registration to the Association of Friends of the Leventiou Municipal Museum of Nicosia and the Leventiou Gallery are included in the files of “LMMN”, are used exclusively for its better service and information and are in no way reproduced or made available to third parties and are protected by the relevant laws of the Republic of Cyprus and international conventions.
  3. Users who provide their personal data for the purposes as stated in paragraph 2 above can be removed from the recipient lists at any time by sending a written request via e-mail E: or via a telephone order Phone: +35722661475.

Information on the management of “Cookies”.

  1. “Cookies” are small files with information that a website stores on a user’s terminal device (e.g. computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.), while they are usually stored in the web browser such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. .), so that every time the user connects to the “website”, the latter retrieves the information in question and offers the user related services. A typical example of such information is the user’s preferences on a web page.
  2. When the user enters the “website” he has the option to manage his preferences regarding Cookies, choosing in the Cookie banner that appears at the bottom of the “website” screen, which Cookies will be enabled or disabled during visits.
  3. The “website” of “LMMN” uses the technically necessary Cookies, for its correct and efficient operation. The user’s consent is not required for the operation of the necessary Cookies. The user can continue his visit using only necessary Cookies by clicking the I DO NOT ACCEPT button on the Cookie banner.
  4. If the user of the “website” wishes to also consent to the use of Cookies belonging to the other categories of Cookies (preferences, etc.), he can indicate his choices in the Cookies banner that appears at the bottom of the “website” screen, by clicking on the Cookies Settings menu, and after choosing the categories of Cookies he wants, then he clicks on the SAVE button, to save his choices and continue their navigation on the “website”. If the User wishes to return to the previous option menu screen, they can click the CANCEL button.
  5. The user of the website can at any time modify his preferences for Cookies (except technically necessary Cookies). The user’s preferences for Cookies can be managed through the Cookie banner, which is available when you enter our website, at the bottom of the “website” screen, or by clicking on the “Cookie Preferences” option at the end of the “website”.


  1. The “website” includes “Links” of other websites whose Cookie settings are not controlled and are not covered by the terms of use of the “LMMN” “website”. In case the user visits the specific websites, the users may be asked to readjust the cookies according to the terms of the website.
  2. The “website” of “LMMN” can be linked to other websites upon written request and special agreement if the purposes of use are related to corporate or commercial matters. For social media, electronic articles or for other purposes of promoting the Museum, the user can freely share the link of the “website” of the “LMMN”.

Internet viruses

  1. “LMMN” makes every effort to ensure that its “website” remains protected from internet viruses. For the safety of the user, “LMMN” recommends the frequent upgrade of antivirus systems.