Venue Hire and Private Events

The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia is recommended as one of the ideal venues for quality corporate and private events. Its functional and culturally rich premises can accommodate press conferences, conferences, book presentations, symposia, lectures, corporate and private dinners and cocktail parties.

Except the standard costs regarding venue hire, additional costs are added for the staff of the Leventis Municipal Museum required to work for the event, if the event is taking place outside of the regular operating hours of the Museum. Security and cleaning services are obligatory for every private event taking place at the Museum’s premises.

Organising stand-out events

The Museum collaborates with companies offering catering and decorating services, as well as additional technical equipment and specialised staff. Generally, the Museum meets the requirements for carrying out and delivering successful events.

Private/corporate events can be enriched with guided tours of the Museum’s Collections led by the qualified staff of the Museum or specially trained tour guides in Greek, as well as in English or other languages. Unique commemorative gifts from the Shop of the Museum are also available to give that special note to any private/corporate event.

All proceeds from private/corporate events support the mission of the Association of the Friends of the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia and the A. G. Leventis Gallery. The proceeds go towards the enrichment of the Museum’s Collections, as well as supporting its educational programmes.

All of the Museum’s venues are accessible to people with disabilities.

Venue areas

Temporary Exhibition Hall
The Temporary Exhibition Hall is ideal for seminars, press conferences, symposia, educational workshops, dinners and cocktail parties.

  • Lectures: 100 people
  • Dinner/buffet: 130 people
  • Dinner / set menu: 100 people
  • Cocktail event: 100-130 people

Fee for full-day: €1000
Fee for half-day: €500

The space is equipped with audio-visual systems.

The courtyard of the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia provides an outstanding setting for organising a special event during spring time, summer time or even for the early autumn period. The space is ideal for dinners and cocktail events, while at the same time it can be offered for outdoors screenings.

  • Lectures/screenings: 100 people
  • Dinner/buffet: 100 people
  • Dinner / set menu: 70 people
  • Cocktail event: 100-150 people

Fee for full-day: €1400
Fee for half-day: €1000

The space is equipped with an audio system.

Creativity Centre
The Creativity Centre of the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia is most suitable for small seminars, conferences, creative workshops, private dinners or cocktail parties.

  • Dinner/buffet: 20 people
  • Dinner / set menu: 20 people
  • Cocktail event / lecture / conference: 50 people

Fee for full-day: €500
Fee for half-day: €300

Lobby Areas
The lobby areas of the LMMN are also offered for more exclusive small dinners, cocktail events or lectures.

  • Dinner/buffet: 60 people
  • Dinner / set menu: 60 people
  • Cocktail event: 70 people
  • Lecture: 30-50 people

Fee for full-day: €500

The space is available only during the hours that the Museum is closed to the public.

Additional Costs:

  • Security guard: To be agreed with the final offer
  • Cleaner: To be agreed with the final offer
  • An additional cost is required for renting an outdoor projector and screen.

Reservations and Information:
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Public Relations and Communications Officer
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